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With the mobile application market becoming competitive, it is important to ensure that when building an app, we get it right the first time. Therefore, at Snappafy we have a very strategic approach when it comes towards the development of applications and have broken the app development process into multiple phases. At Snappafy, our clients are important to us and we make sure that before we begin any project for them, we hold a brainstorming session where ideas can be thrown around and discussed in detail in order to visualize the overall look of the mobile application. Apart from that, our team of top designers is called in to create rough sketches so that we are able to get a visual representation of the look of the app as well as to uncover any possible design-related issues that might arise and hamper the application’s usability.

  • Creating rough sketches of the idea
  • Envisioning the overall look of the app
  • Uncover usability issues in the design and development


The next step of our app development process involves selecting the best ideas and moving forward towards implementation of the design.
Our design team works with you to gather input on the app’s desired look and create a design that would best suit your business needs. We understand that every business is different hence all our design are customized in accordance to your business needs and by incorporating eye catching backgrounds and use of graphics helps to ensure that your app instantly attracts your target audience. With the design and development of the app finalized, we make sure that the application is usable and there are no glitches. For that, we test the application using UAT Testing and BETA Testing so that there are no usability issues and your mobile application is a hit amongst your target audience.

  • Custom designed app keeping in mind your business needs
  • Eye catching graphics and backgrounds
  • Custom designed buttons


Here comes the most exciting part – it’s time to officially launch your company’s mobile application on the app store!
For us, designing and development of applications is not the end – Snappafy strives to ensure that your app gets the platform it deserves by publishing your mobile application across multiple platforms so that your company’s mobile application is accessible and reaches out to a maximum number of mobile users so that your target audience can be effectively reached. Now that the design and development of the application is completed, it’s time to publish your app on the iOS and Android app store so that the users can get their hands on it.

  • Published across iOS Platforms
  • Published across Android Platforms
  • Employing HTML programming language


Designing, developing and launching a mobile application is not the end of the process. Rather, app development is a continuous process which requires managing and constant revisions so that it stays updated with the advancement of technology. Managing your application has never been easier with our content management system which allows you to make any necessary changes and adjustments to your application as well send alerts to users regarding any upcoming events or added features. It also allows you easily and quickly adjust the settings of your mobile application, update the contents in the app, view analytics and your activity streams as well as instantly notify your app users on any upcoming events through the push notifications feature.

  • Manage app settings
  • Instantly notify app users
  • View your activity streams and analytics


For any product to be successful and a hit in the market, it needs to be marketed properly in order to create maximum impact and convince the target audience to purchase that product and that can only be possible if you market your app using the right tools. The same applies to your company’s mobile application. In order for it to be a success amongst the competitive world of mobile applications, it needs to be marketed in such a way that it creates the maximum impact amongst your target audience. Snappafy provides you with the tools to market your app through different mediums to create maximum awareness about your app and reach out to the right audience. Use QR codes across the print medium or creating short videos to add on your landing page to reach out to a wider audience.

  • Marketing app through QR codes
  • Video marketing of app
  • Market app on the Digital platform

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